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Tao's acupuncture

Waarom is Tao's acupuncture de beste keuze voor jou?

Tao Liling studied at the Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine between 1979-1984. She worked as a doctor in the hospital and lectured at the University until 1994. Since 1994, she has been living and working in Belgium and currently has more than 35 years of experience in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. In 2020, she officially became president of the Belgium Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and now leads a group of professionals in order to help people with health problems and improve the influence of Chinese medicine.

Wat kan Tao's acupuncture je bieden?

WE ALWAYS USE ONLY SINGLE USE, DISPOSABLE NEEDLES. It is based on an energetic and holistic of circulation of Qi in the meridians of the body. MOXIBUSTION Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy using moxa made from dried mugwort. It plays an important role in the traditional medical systems of China (including Tibet), Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Mongolia. Suppliers usually age the mugwort and grind it up to a fluff; practitioners burn the fluff or process it further into a cigar-shaped stick. They can use it indirectly, with acupuncture needles, or burn it on the patient’s skin. CUPPING Cupping is a type of Chinese massage, consisting of placing several glass “cups” (open spheres) on the body. A match is lit and placed inside the cup and then removed before placing the cup against the skin. As the air in the cup is heated, it expands, and after placing in the skin, cools, creating lower pressure inside the cup that allows the cup to stick to the skin via suction. When combined with massage oil, the cups can be slid around the back, offering “reverse-pressure massage”. HERBS AND MEDICINES PLANTES TRADITIONNELLES There are roughly 13,000 medicinals used in China and over 100,000 medicinal recipes recorded in the ancient literature Plant elements and extracts are by far the most common elements used. Each herbal medicine prescription is a cocktail of many substances, always tailored to the individual patient. Here are a few examples of herbs used in Chinese medicine: – Huang gi (Astragalus) is used for treating the spleen and the lungs. It has a sweet taste. – Dang gui (Radix Angelicae Sinensis) is known as the queen of the chinese herbs for women. It is sometimes called the gingeng of the woman. It is used to balance the body of the woman. – Ginseng (Panax Ginseng) is very popular in Asia and ahs been used for its healing powers for thousands of years. Eating ginseng helps gaining energy and vitality. – Gan Chao (Licorice Root) has a sweet taste and is used for treating the heart, lungs, stomach and many more – Juhua (Chrysantemum flower) is used for curing headaches and fevers. – Jin Yin hua (Honeysuckle Flower) is used for clearing heat, headaches and curing painful swelling in the throat, stomach and eyes. TUI-NA MASSAGE-THERAPY The practitioner of Tui Na may brush, knead, roll/press, and rub the areas between each of the joints, known as the eight gates, to attempt to open the body’s defensive (wei) chi and get the energy moving in the meridians and the muscles.[3] The practitioner can then use range of motion, traction, and massage, with the stimulation of acupressure points. QIGONG AND TAI JI QUAN QIGONG THERAPIE Qìg?ng and Tai Ji Quan are systems of exercise and meditation that combines regulated breathing, slow movement, and focused awareness, in order to cultivate and balance qi.

Wie gingen je voor?

Mainly Belgians from Antwerp and Brussels

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